Growing up, Katie dreamt of many things. Beating the boys on the field, becoming an artist, singing for crowds and cooking great meals for filled tables. 

After a stint in Nashville to pursue a singing career followed by playing on the semi-pro soccer circuit, just over 19 years ago Katie moved to Napa Valley to pursue a career in food and wine. While managing events at a local winery, her mentor’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare disorder, Rett Syndrome. Although she had just recently moved to the wine country, Katie saw this as an opportunity to give back and make a difference, while bringing together everything that inspired her. 

In 2004, Katie co-founded the Erika Van Giesen Foundation, alongside an annual epicurean gala, Erika’s Dream, to support it. With the monies raised, in 2006 she helped establish Katie’s Clinic at Children’s Hospital Oakland, which to this day still serves girls and their families afflicted with Rett throughout the Western United States. This fundraising gala was a way to incorporate all her passions; FOOD, WINE & PHILANTHROPY, while throwing one heck of a party and sharing her love for entertaining.

In 2009 Katie helped launch Wine, Women & Shoes; A food and wine based event that would become a successful national fundraising platform. Later that year she launched her first wine label Toolbox Wine Co., with a mission to craft affordable, quality driven wines that gave back. That same year at Erika’s Dream a few conversations led to Katie taking a leap of faith to make a concept she had been dreaming about - a reality. With a “slow and grow” global concept in mind, the last 9 years have been dedicated to building the Feast it Forward brand and most recently in 2018 opening the first flagship brick and mortar live studio + experiential showroom in downtown Napa. An entrepreneur at heart, all of Katie’s experience has led to Feast. 

Throughout her career Katie been struck by what incredible things can be accomplished when you bring together amazing people over fantastic food and wine. We hope you will take a seat at her table to help RAISE a glass, awareness and funds. Cheers!


Inspired by art since she was a little girl, Katie has drawn her dreams and goals in the hope that someday they would come true. Studying art in college enhanced her skills, which led to drawing every business idea and future vision to this day. Occasionally she looks back upon her “inspiration book” of doodles, searching for old and fresh ideas while the current Feast it Forward products garner her intricate and playful drawings. 


"The road to success is always under construction". Looking up and ahead, after a 9 year journey, The Studio by Feast it Forward is the first national concept of its kind - bringing together like-minded brands to rethink the traditional showroom model for a progressive approach to food, wine, design, art, music and philanthropy. Pandemic hit and she expanded to develop "The Yard" adjacent to "The Studio" for a year round festival-like experience. 


From lemonade stands to garage sales, since a little girl Katie has considered herself a passionate and relentless go-getter. Katie was named a 2019 "Emerging Leader" in Food & Agriculture while the network received a 2019 TASTE Award for innovative content and live streaming. Most recently Katie received "Top 30 Inspiring Women in 2022 To Watch" in Disruptors Magazine & "10 Most Inspiring Leaders to Follow in 2022" with Insights Success.


Dubbed as “gourmet graffiti”, Katie’s sketches have been incorporated into Feast it Forward lifestyle “products with purpose” line of goods. First products launched were gourmet spice rubs and Stölzle glassware; “The Glass Does Make A Difference” which hit shelves late 2017. Visit our retail SHOP HERE. 

Katie's mission is to create wine country inspired goods for foodies, winos and philanthropists alike. Additional items to expand into include cookware, tableware, furniture, and a home décor line.


After continued inquiries seeking her design input and hiring availability, Katie decided it was time to establish a design consulting firm that shares her unique approach to a warm, playful and chic atmosphere for residential and commercial properties. Interested parties should contact Katie directly at 707-252-8665 or katie@feastitforward.com 

Projects and services proceed with an initial consultation and receipt of an executed letter of agreement with a required retainer for facilitation and coordination. Introductions to recommended architects, general contractors and landscape architects are complimentary.

PROJECT STEPS: (based on needs)

* determine job requirements, schedule and projected investment time

* conceptual design development with client and introductions if needed

* determine use of existing furniture if project requires

* analyze function of space

* develop a strategic design concept including color palette, cabinet design, aesthetic finishes and materials

* selection of appliances and fixtures

* select items in home or commercial space from floor to ceiling

* visual presentation of design concept

* consultation with trades including negotiating and estimating


* this service is proceeding the initial consultation for much needed updates or aesthetic preferences and renovations

* prepay for minimum of 10 hours 

* this service encompasses all consultation, design and decor services