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As an online network and lifestyle brand serving as a guide to the conscious consumer, we seek to enlighten viewers and open minds through a unique platform and experience of food, drink, entertainment and giving back. Our shows tell the story of people, places and experiences that connect us to one another in ways that are beyond the plate and bottle. Having filmed our original content over the last 6 years, our "home" was our current film shoot. Whether in Jacques Pepin's kitchen or in our Ultimate Airstream with Snoop Dogg, we finally have a place to lay our head. Our live studio + experiential showroom offers consumers to take a seat at our table while being surrounded by the FEAST lifestyle and bringing our digital network to life! 


At The Studio by Feast it Forward we've brought together like-minded brands and rethought the traditional showroom model for a progressive approach to food, wine, design, art, music and philanthropy under one roof – bringing our network to life for our viewers and consumers. We are proud to lead a new movement with the first national concept of its kind offering entertainment with an inspiring message. From the moment you enter our savvy "show stopper red" Sherwin-Williams doors, everything you touch, see, smell and experience is a partner embraced within our lifestyle. How many times have you enjoyed a libation at a restaurant bar or grabbed a bite amid the sunshine and wondered how you could “get that”? Well, we’re fortunate to have surrounded ourselves with incredible brands and companies that represent THE best in design, wine, music and beyond.


Three times each year we will "joosh" it up at the studio and offer a new vibrant look. With sponsors still owning their category, each lounge will change to reflect the newest playful design trends of the season. Been a few months since you came in? Come on down in late February as things will be looking a bit different. Take a seat at our table!


  • Jan 31, 2019
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