Big Changes for Celebrity Chef Rick Moonen



After over 14 years of operating RM Seafood and over six years ofoperating Rx Boiler Room in Las Vegas, Celebrity Chef Rick Moonen has closed both restaurants insideThe Shoppes at Mandalay Place to focus on his numerous initiatives, including an Off-The-Striprestaurant concept he has been dreaming of.“I think that it is now time for me to imbed myself deeper into the community that I have embraced andsupported for fifteen years,” said Chef Moonen. The beloved chef’s new global concept and location ofthe inaugural restaurant will be announced soon.RM Seafood originally opened on Valentine’s Day in 2004 as Restaurant RM after the then New YorkerChef Moonen was approached by Clark Wolf, a prominent food, restaurant and hospitality consultant, toopen a restaurant in Las Vegas. As “The Godfather of Sustainability,” the upscale seafood restaurantalways showcased Chef Moonen’s commitment to sustainability without forgoing culinary creativity andinnovation. This core value will always be a huge part of his cuisine.“Owning and operating not one, but two restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip has been such an incrediblejourney,” said Chef Moonen. “I am so extremely grateful for all of my staff members and to all of mycustomers and patrons throughout the years who have loved and supported RM Seafood and Rx BoilerRoom.”As Chef Moonen finalizes his new restaurant concept in conjunction with a major Texas Restaurantgroup, he continues to work vigorously on his other initiatives as well. Chef Moonen continues to growhis cutlery business, BLADES by Rick Moonen, where “Every Blade Has a Story!”Chef Moonen will continue to devote himself as a staunch supporter of the seafood sustainabilitymovement as well as restaurateur and chef. 

Chef continues to travel to various parts of the world to sharehis knowledge and expertise, as well as advocate for laws and practices on behalf of the seafoodindustry that speak to a sustainable future. The celebrity chef is also the Chef Advocate, along with ChefJacques Pepin, for Feast it Forward, an online network that just opened a unique store in downtownNapa that seeks to enlighten communities through a unique platform and experience of food, drink andgiving back through its foundation which donates funds to numerous nonprofits, including ActionAgainst Hunger, The Snow Foundation, Charity:Water and more.“I am one of the few celebrity chefs that has always had a permanent residence in Las Vegas, so I am soexcited to introduce my new dishes and concept to the locals who have supported me for so manyyears,” said Chef Rick Moonen. “Stay tuned – it’s going to be innovative, ingredient driven and just plainsoigné!”Chef has vowed to assist all his current employees in finding new opportunities and tohopefully rejoin the team again at his new location. 


Nicknamed “The Godfather of Sustainability,” celebrity chef and restaurateur Rick Moonen has beenone of the country’s leading advocates for the sustainable seafood movement, bringing nationalawareness to this subject for the last 25 years all across the globe. He is a founding member ofMonterey Bay Aquarium’s Blue Ribbon Task Force and received the 2011 Chef of the Year Award fromthem as well as a Department of State’s Diplomatic Culinary Partnership Initiative Member.Chef Moonen has been featured in Food & Wine, SAVEUR, Bon Appétit, Food Arts, USA Today, GourmetMagazine, Forbes, Travel + Leisure and more. He has competed twice as a contestant on Bravo’s TopChef Masters and was a fan favorite. He has appeared on multiple national television shows, including“Beat Bobby Flay,” “The TODAY Show,” “Good Morning America,” “CBS This Morning,” and has been aregular on Home and Family for years.Among his many accomplishments throughout his career include: Chef of the Year Award from Chefs ofAmerica in 1993; Seafood Champion from Seafood Alliance in 2006; American Academy Restaurateurof the Year from the Nevada Restaurant Association in 2009; receiving a James Beard Award forTelevision Show and nomination for Best Chef In the America in 2010; StarChefs International ChefsConference Community Award in 2010; Monterey Bay Aquarium Chef of the Year in 2011; Humanitarianof the Year by the American Culinary Federation in 2013; and induction into the American Academy ofChefs Culinary Hall of Fame in 2014. He has also raised several thousand dollars for charities includingthe Scleroderma Foundation, Three Square Food Bank, Saint Baldrick’s, Lou Ruvo Center for BrainHealth, Autism Speaks and City Meals on Wheels. When he initially opened his restaurants in Las Vegas,he had a day named after him (April 1) as “Moonen No Foolin’ Day” from Mayor Goodman.Chef Moonen has presented to the food industry on sustainability in Paris, Vancouver, Toronto, Milan,New Zealand, Greece and more. He is also the Chef Advocate for Feast it Forward, an online networkand lifestyle brand that serves as a guide to the conscious consumer, including an original digital showthat encourages people to live a flavorful life as they enlighten viewers and open minds through aunique platform to experience all things food, drink, entertainment and philanthropy.   

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