If you mix it, they will come. Kindness makes a world of difference, so we decided to drink on the bright side. Serving up smiles and cups of goodness, our local community came together and sipped for good this Summer in aim to teach children social responsibility, kindness and living a philanthropic lifestyle.

Motivated by our blueprint for change, "Inspiring Living. Philanthropic Giving.",  we kicked off our "Lemonade Stand" program which stood proudly in front of The Studio by Feast it Forward in downtown Napa. Upon opening our doors in July 2018, every Saturday through November our custom built lemonade stand provided complimentary tasty to-go lemonade and Molinari Private Reserve coffee for the customers donation of choice. Over the last 5 months, kids gathered from a variety of organizations and schools to join the FEAST as we RAISED over $4,000... spreading the love (and cheer!) while making an impact. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

If you would like to join our next installment of the Lemonade Stand. Visit our EVENT PAGE for more information or send us note!

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