A Taste of the South: Vintage Porch Swings



In 2008 Brent McHenry’s wife Krista was in serious need of a place to relax. At the time she was the mother of twins, a newborn, and was pregnant with their fourth child. She designed a swing for their front porch and asked Brent to build it. Not long after Krista’s swing was finished, a neighbor stopped by and asked Brent to build one for his front porch too. Before long, Brent’s bed swings lined the streets of their neighborhood and the McHenry’s were being encouraged to showcase their swings online. 


Their website quickly took Brent’s hobby to a full-fledged business. Because Brent works full time as a biostatistician in cancer research, he assembled a team of local craftspeople and artists who he knew would continue to build the same quality of bed swing that he built for his wife, and would continue to treat his customers like neighbors.The Vintage Porch Swing team has since outgrown Brent’s garage, but they never lose sight of their goal of helping people create sanctuaries where they can relax, disconnect and spend time alone or with friends and family. The McHenry’s family has grown since then, and each bed swing design is named after one of their eight unique children or one of their special extended family members.Vintage Porch Swing is passionate about making comfortable, high-quality hanging bed swings. And we notice the world is filled with those who get things done the fastest and the cheapest, but we believe we really need more artists, craftsmen, and craftswomen who ensure quality and service. When you care about the work you do and show people you care about them, then you stand out. 


Who doesn't want to swing in the wine country breeze with a wine glass in hand? We look forward to you swinging away with us at The Studio.

  • Jan 10, 2019
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